Weekly classes available @ $95p.p (One class) Materials & morning tea included.

Come on a journey where you will find the artist in you and also your own style.

Set in a relaxed setting at Pam’s home studio at Coolum Beach in the treetops.Each  workshop will enable you learn all the technique that you’ll need to start you off in learning how to paint Contemporary watercolour.
Designed for the Beginner artist. FUN & EASY PROGRAM

Each class will enhance your confidence and creativity.

*2 completed paintings and samples will be completed in this  week journey                                      Note: You may choose to include ONE ‘Creative Collage’ as one of your painting choices.

* $200 p.p  *MATERIALS INCLUDED  & a yummy morning tea.


*4 hours of step by step instruction
* Many compositions to pick from
* Designed for the BEGINNER artist
* Learn how to draw up paintings simply
* Learn how to play with the paint & water
* Learn how to paint Watercolour in ONE, FUN & EASY lesson

WEEK ONE: Introduction about how the course will work.
Learn about paints, paper & brushes.
Try a sample sheet and learn the ‘WET ON WET’ technique
Learn how to draw up compositions simply
Paint composition of choice eg: Funky vase of flowers, Tropical orchid ,Tropical seacape or Jeweled flower
* Homework allotted [Optional]
* Nothing will be marked only suggestions given by tutor

Week 2: Fine tuning of “WET ON WET technique
Learn secrets of enhancing what you learn’t in first lesson
Confidence comes with learning how to let the paint and water do the work.
Learn the importance of choosing the rihgt frame and mattboard
Samples & completed painting
Homework allotted: [Optional]

Week 3:
You understand the wet on wet technique now, so its time to either choose another of Pams compositions and continue on your WATERCOLOUR painting journey. With Pam’s help you will now be starting to create your own style. Or go in another direction and learn to paint Collage on canvas.

erins Painting party 2


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