in ONE, FUN & EASY lesson

with Pamela Jennion ART TUTOR [25 years exp.] T.A.F.E Diploma of painting /Diploma  of Counselling


Create happy memories

Workshops are designed for the BEGINNER ARTIST.

Learn how to find your own style.

Choose from many designs and workshops.

Funky flowers, tropical seascapes, splash art, jewelled flowers,  dragonflies, butterflies and many more…

 I will help you find the artist within with step by step instruction.

I have designed a program that will show you how to paint WATERCOLOUR  and COLLAGE in just ONE, FUN & EASY lesson….

You don’t even need to be able to draw to create a beautiful painting.

I will show you with step by step instruction in a very relaxed atmosphere how to paint for pure pleasure.

The secret is…

come down to a child’s level ….

where they do not think…

they just go play….

Workshops 1-4  Watercolour Painting for the Beginner artist.

Its all about playing with the paints, not trying to work it out with our minds, but allowing the paint and the water to do the work with the technique that I will teach you.

Once you understand the ‘wet on wet technique’ you will be able to paint whatever you want….A whole new world of creativity will be opened up to you….

In just ONE, FUN & EASY LESSON you will be amazed at how much you can learn to start you off on the journey of finding the artist in you.



* Create a HAPPY MEMORY together in your own home or designated venue.  *Invite 4 – 8 friends HOSTESS FREE.



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